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Become a Volunteer

You’re the face of the competition. Our sport depends largely on the ability of the judges to be fair, accurate, and consistent. The quality of the judging at any event is usually indicative of its reputation and in large part, its success. You will be asked to judge an athlete based on their ability to adhere to the standards we set, as well as count their repetitions. Judging will be your primary responsibility but you may also be asked to fulfill other duties.

Weekend Warrior:
Those in this group can expect physical elements such as heavy lifting, repetitive bending, reaching, and light running. This is a very crucial role with responsibilities that are essential to the job in an effort to make sure our event runs smooth and on time. You may be asked to fulfill other similar duties outside of this scope. Weekend Warriors get a close-up view of the competition while staying behind the scenes.

Event Crew:
You're a jack of all trades and willing to do whatever it takes to make the event successful. You'll be asked to check-in athletes, fill in as a judge, assist the wrecking crew, help athletes, etc. You have a heart of gold and a positive attitude.